Are you a tea lover? Do your friends and family constantly ask you not to drink too much tea because it is an unhealthy habit? Well if so then give them these ten reasons why it is healthy.

  1. To cure loose motions

Lemon tea with biscuits made of husk in two to three doses can do wonder in times.


2. To decrease obesity

Honey tea (preferably with lemon) first thing in the morning and a little exercise everyday and your years long wait for losing weight is ended.


3. To cure fire burns

Covering the burnt part with a cloth soaked in cold black tea (no milk, no sugar) and replacing and repeating every half an hour is a safe home-based treatment.

4. To remove Phlegm in the body

Basil, Black pepper and ginger mixed tea is good for this purpose.


5. To cure windy troubles

After light lunch it is preferable to take black tea (very little sugar and milk, if a must for any individual to relish tea) in this case.


6. As a Skin-care product

Apply strained leaves on face with a very little sugar added to it and then leave it for a while to dry before massaging your face to remove it.

Tea for skin

Now, with lukewarm lime-water wash your face. You will be left with beautiful soft skin. This can also be a cure to remove wrinkles.

7. To cure lethargy and sleepiness

A cup of hot black tea has been regarded a perfect beverage for curing lethargy and sleepiness.

Tea for lethargy

8. Mosquito repellent

Dried up strained tea leaves can be sprinkled on to coal furnace for this purpose.

Tea for mosquito repellant

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9. For gardening

Adding strained tea leaves or its powder to the soil is a very good manure. This is specially effective for flowering plants.

Tea for Gardening

10. Beauty enhancement

Adding little tea leaves to henna soaked water for both beautiful hair and beautiful mehendi mark on palm.

Everything in this world has both positive and negative results. It is upon the use that it’s end result depends on. Similarly, tea suddenly has negative impact on ones body and health if drank unconsciously without taking into consideration it’s disturbances in health. However, if used properly and optimally for betterment as mentioned above then surely you can gain benefits.

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