Although equal parts of society, for ages, gender biased societies has always put men and women in different categories. The argument based on biological make-up of people might have been valid, may be millenniums ago. That was an era when human beings thrived on hunting and fending off predators.  Mankind has come a long way since then. We live in the era of empowerment. Today is an age of modernization, where men and women are equal contributors to development and advancement. Even though, the conventional mindset hasn’t eliminated completely, Nepalese Women are challenging our orthodox societies. They are undoubtedly our role models to go beyond the conventional ideas and create a sexism free society.  

Our Role Models:

Lead by a female president for the very first time, Nepal is steadily giving rise to female protagonists. Respected president Bidhya Devi Bhandari is a political representation of our republic nation’s women empowerment, and now, we now have dozens of women to look up to these days. CNN hero Anuradha Koirala is another example having saved thousands of innocent girls from the terrible fate of trafficking. Similarly, 2012 CNN hero Puspa Basnet has changed the fates of several underprivileged children. Nepal’s first female chief Justice, the honorable Sushila Karki is renowned for her zero tolerance for corruption. And we are all familiar with Jhamak Ghimire who not only challenged the narrow minded society about her gender, she defied physical restrictions of her own body and has conquered the world of literature, despite being unable to even sit properly, let alone use her limbs freely.

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How can we become a part of the change?

The question is not about a female’s capabilities. She can do anything and everything she sets her mind to. The question arises within our own perception and that alone. Are all of us proud of and inspired with our heroes and want to follow their paths? Or will we continue doubting and shrouding potential role models for the newer generations? It’s within us all. Male or female, we are all capable of greatness. We are all potential heroes. A grand salute to our idols, who overcame social and physical barriers and have inspired a wave of impending greatness within us all.