Korea has been an attraction for many youths in Nepal for overseas work. EPS Korea is the government initiative between the countries which provides opportunity for Nepali youths to work in Korea.

eps korea job
source: www.CNN.com

We can either apply for industrial jobs or agricultural jobs. In 2019 alone 82,000 youths from overall the country have applied for 7,100 jobs in Korea. Among which 4,800 workers are going to be selected under productive industrial category and 2,300 will be selected for Agricultural jobs.

So if you have passed the EPS exam and have been selected for the job then congratulation, and good luck for the future. But we also want you to take some suggestions about the things you have to note down if you are going for industrial jobs in Korea.

eps korea job

So, please read the following note carefully:

  1. When the supervisor explains about how things work in the company, you should listen to him/her carefully. If you do not understand then you may have problem in the future. You can also ask your co-worker for advice
  2. Read carefully the Description of the Company you are going to work in. You can also search about the company in internet.
  3. In Korea there is a culture of working long shift. So, many Nepalese people may have problem with that. So, prepare yourself mentally for that.
  4. You can only take break during the work as scheduled by the company. Otherwise you cannot skip the work or take random break like here in Nepal.
  5. The public holiday will be there only for 10-15 days a year in Korea.
  6. Before going to Korea you should pay for the personal tax, Health insurance and pension insurance.
  7. For driving vehicle in Korea you must have Korean driving license.
  8. You need to be careful while working in big machines as the probability of getting into accidents is very high and it could be really dangerous.
  9. Also you should remember to be really careful while working in big industrial machines because a simple mistake could disturb the whole system as the work in the machine are done sequentially.Making a mistake could lead to a defective product as an outcome at the end.

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