See This Lady Who’s Career Has Been Shaped by Small Acts in TikTok to A Real Life Actor

Have you heard about the actress who has been famous for every video she made on TikTok? Her smile, actions, and impressions she makes on her face to attract an audience and her cuteness has even personified the dead soul. Why wouldn’t someone get attracted to see the real action behind the camera? Yeah! your guess is right she is no other than the beautiful, talented and most loved model, Reshma Ghimire.

Reshma Ghimire

Reshma Ghimire is the first Nepali actress and model whose account has been verified by Tiktok officially. She is famous for the lip-syncing, comedy, dance and ephemeral acting and the most loved being her facial expressions of all by the Nepalese. Reshma has 660.7k fans and 6.7m hearts as per Jan 21, 2019, in her official account named “@reshmaghimire”. If you are still unknown about her follow and watch her in Tiktok.

Reshma Ghimire
Reshma Ghimire’s Insta Ko Photo

Reshma Ghimire is a multi-talented actress, model, and Nepali Muser, and is Nurse by profession. She is a good guitarist and sings as well, she has her own Youtube channel to upload cover songs, her actions and dance as well. She loves being a part of love character in the movie she plays.

Reshma Ghimire

Recently, she has done a music video with Asif Shah which already started getting positive vibes: The song, Insta Ko Photo, is sang by Kali Prasad Baskota started showing a good response. Reshma Ghimire has done several movies: Her first movie was ‘Yo Saino Maya Ko’ and she has done several promotional videos, she has already appeared in many advertisements and is now looking forward to work with the great team.