Sergio Ramos and Red Card Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Sergio Ramos is known more for the red cards rather than for his performance. It’s the human nature that a person is talked for only his shortcomings rather than his contributions. Sergio Ramos is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for and captains both Real Madrid and the Spain national team as a centre back. He can also play as a right back. After burgeoning and growing big through Sevilla’s youth academy, Ramos moved to Madrid in the summer of 2005.

Sergio Ramos

Ramos holds the record for the most red cards in the history of Europe’s top five leagues, and he has been sent off the field, a further five times in other competitions. He is being named as “name a more iconic duo” in memes and social media, the reason behind the name may cause you to laugh. Sergio Ramos and red cards are considered as a duo and hence given the name.

Ramos the caption has once been sent off the pitch for 12 months in the end. After being sent off for the first time in his career in September 2005, soon after moving from Seville to the Spanish capital, Ramos has gone on to amass a total of 24 reds in the Madrid shirt – with his total of 19 in LaLiga making him the Spanish top flight’s moat rejected player ever.

With all these talks about Ramos, it’s mandatory to talk about his achievements in Real Madrid and Spain. He is the heart of the team and marked as a playmaker, game saver, and a quality defender who always plays so as to win or die. He is a good defender of Real Madrid.