Sheryl Sandberg ,The Ultimate Role Model For Young Women


It’s a blessing for women of today’s era that we live in this modern age. Decades ago, the scenario was dreadfully different. Educations, employment, rights, freedom of lifestyle, all of these were not even in consideration for women back in the days. But things are looking up for us women in the present age thanks to brilliant idols we have today.  Facebook COO and bestselling author, Sheryl Sandberg is one such modern day standard of women empowerment.

Let’s look at some interesting facts why young women should look up to her as the ultimate role model!

1.     Government Personnel:

Sheryl Sandberg was former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers’ Chief of Staff in the year 1999 when President Clinton was in the office. She was only 29 years of age at that time.

2.     A Born Leader:

Right from her college days, Sandberg was involved in an encouragement group at Harvard primarily focused towards women empowerment. Her group challenged orthodox male society of the time in the fields of economics and politics.

3.    Multi-Company Involvement:

Not just Facebook, Sheryl holds the board membership of a variety of large companies such as Starbucks, The Walt Disney Co., Women for Women International, V-Day, Ad Council, Center for Global Development etc.

4.     Association with Google:

In the year 2001, Sheryl was the position of Vice President of global online sales and operations in Google by then CEO Eric Schmidt himself.

5.    World’s 5th Most Powerful woman:

In the year 2017 ‘Fortune’ magazine declared Sheryl as the world’s 5th most powerful women. She currently has a net worth of over US$1.56 billion because of her stocks on Facebook.

6.     Bestselling Author:

Sandberg’s most notable works are ; Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead sold over one million copies and was the bestselling books at the time of publish.

7.    Recognition By Wall Street Journal:

Wall Street Journal ranked Sandberg #19 and #21 respectively in the World’s “50 Women to Watch for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008 because of her rapid success in the business world.

8.      Inspiration for the Young Generation:

Sheryl Sandberg has been involved in a lot of motivational speeches, keynote speeches and Commencement addresses at different campaigns and ceremonies inspiring thousands of potential greatness among young women.

9.      An Entrepreneur with a heart:

Sandberg will be donating her stakes at SurveyMonkey worth a total of US$200 to charity in the name of her late husband Dave Goldberg who died in 2015.

10.    The Ultimate Role Model For Women :

Despite having lost her husband a few years ago, Sandberg continues to be the best at her field. She’s been inspiring and motivating the world with her success and positive attitude towards women empowerment. Although she has had to bear hardships, she’s someone most young women aspire to be. She’s the ultimate role model because her works are always focused towards lifting up the status of women in the society.