Sonali Bendre with her new looks with a wig

There’re definitely more reasons than acting skills and good looks that we consider celebrities our role models. We’re usually so much focused on the surface of their fame that we fail to recognize their struggles in life. But once we get into deeper levels, we learn to appreciate them for the average humans they are, battling life like the rest of us.

There are things beyond our capabilities. We cannot take control of every aspect of our life. No matter how rich or famous you are, life can be unforgiving for anyone. Amidst all the ups and downs, the spirit of fighting on is what makes us humans. Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is one such example for her courage against Cancer.

Sonali after the first haircut with her husband

Sonali Bendre has been diagnosed with Cancer this July and has been receiving treatments in New York. Even though the life-threatening disease has taken away her natural hair, it hasn’t taken away her zest for life. We salute her for the up-beat attitude she has for her battle against Cancer.

Sonali bendre fights cancer
Sonali Bendre’s short hair photograph with son Ranveer

She continues to live her life as normally as she can. She spends time with her friends, engages herself in books and is open about her life on the internet. Actor Anupam Kher even went on to say that Sonali Bendre is his hero. In fact, she’s a hero for everyone who’s given up on the will to live because of Cancer.

Despite having gradually lost her hair due to Cancer, she’s posted a photograph of herself with a wig. We gotta be honest; she doesn’t look like she’s carrying a deadly disease whatsoever. She is still gorgeous like ever in spite of being in her forty’s. We can’t help but admire this beautiful personality both inside and out. At the end of the day, it is all about what your attitude is towards whatever life throws at you. And although most things are beyond our powers, we can always make the best of it. Thanks to modern medicine, Cancer is now curable so let’s hope our hero Sonali Bendre defeats her disease and continues to inspire us all. We wish her a speedy recovery.