The Youngest Boy To Get Silver Button: Ganesh Devkota, View His Videos

Ganesh Devkota has been the youngest boy to get the silver button from YouTube officially. The boy with the inborn talent makes comedy videos and is loved by the audience as well. He has joined YouTube on Nov 25, 2017, and look! Within 1 year of the establishment of his channel, he stepped into the path of success. It is not that he got success overnight, for success is not the juice you get ready, he has a lot of struggles, hardships, and sacrifices to come to the top.

Ganesh Devkota is from Mugu, Rara. And he has been living in Kathmandu since few years. Besides making a video, he loves dancing and playing football. He is just 15 years old and he got a silver button and some struggle whole life for receiving the same. He marks himself more active on Instagram than on Facebook, so follow him on Instagram.

His official channel on the YouTube is named ‘Ganesh GD’. He has 128301 subscribers as of Jan 9, 2019. Ganesh has 78 videos on his official channel, all of the comedy. He has done videos on the Nepali language and on all type of comedy videos. His most loved one is on PUBG and World Cup.

Ganesh Devkota

This is really a big achievement by this young guy at quite an early age. He has the unboxing video of the Silver Button in his channel too. He marks this success and pride to all the GD family without whose support he would not have reached this far. Congratulations, to the little boy and good luck from the team Honeydoze for the future days.