Ujjwal Saagar: A Story Which Can Inspire You To Be “Never Give Up In Life”


Ujjwal Saagar: A Story Which Can Inspire You To Be “Never Give Up In Life”

While the whole country is busy searching for the source of motivation and inspiration, some of the talents are really being unknown. We search for the names known to us time and again and rarely some people care for new talent in the hope of motivation. Sounds confusing! Yeah, this is human nature. To be distinct, let’s gain a broader perspective on the topic, let’s devolve on the life of singer, composer, and teacher of music “Sagar Adhikari( Ujjwal Saagar)”.

Ujjwal Sagar
Ujjwal Sagar On Recording

Sagar Adhikari may be the new name for some of us in music, but he has accomplished a lot. If someone sits and scratches the accolades of Sagar, one would have to spend months together to complete. He is one of the prominent, disciplined, hardworking, dedicated, and devoted personality who struggled a lot to get an even life in music.

Ujjwal Sagar
Ujjwal Sagar with Menuka Poudel

Sagar Adhikari is a 20 year old boy who likes himself being called as Ujjwal Saagar. He is from Jhapa, Birtamode. He is studying his Bachelor in Nepali Literature and Major Music and is a classmate of Menuka Poudel. Sagar is sightless from birth and this fact isn’t wanting him in any factor than a normal person.

Ujjwal Sagar

In spite of the fact that he is sightless, this didn’t restricted him to any constrains, his interest of finding out increasingly more in music never ceased. With the blossoming curiosity and the excitement of getting familiar with this field, he joined senior diploma in music and completed it from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. He has his own youtube channel and he uploads the music  tutorial lessons of Harmonium, Tabla and some vocal lessons, the first of its kind in Nepal.

Sagar plays Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Piano , Madal , Congo, Cazon, Dholak, fluently and is doing stage performances since 8 years. He has composed more than 60 songs  and 7 of them has been recorded. One compose ” Harpal Tme Sanga” is sang by Melina Rai. He has been on TV Interviews and Radio Interviews in Eastern Nepal several times, won regional level open singing competition twice and is currently affiliated with Hit Music Studio Putalisadak and works as Keys Manager at Nepali Music Production NMP at Hit Music Studio.

Really such a boy with inborn talents and skill has something to prove about them and raise the country’s pride to the height.

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