James Shrestha, one of the most popular YouTubers of Nepal has a new hobby. The eye candy is crushing hearts everywhere! As if his stunning good looks, his adorable personality and wonderful presentation skills weren’t attractive enough, he’s into fitness now!

James Shrestha's New Hobby

James released his latest hobby pictures on Social Media very recently and people are going crazy over it. His pictures of his half naked body a month earlier and now, shows how effective the results were. As per his fitness records, he has managed to put on 6 kilograms within a month’s time.  His mid section seems to getting into better shape each day and we’re all drooling over it.

James Shrestha is the first Nepali YouTuber to cross the landmark of 100 thousand of subscribers. Currently though, this achievement seems like a distance memory as he holds a total of 280,000 subscribers.  He first released his videos in 2015 and resumed after Feb 2017. This helped him immensely grow his fanbase to a large quantity in quick succession. There’s so much to his videos on YouTube including vlogs, pranks, people’s reactions and a lot more. He also has a number of videos surrounding his beloved girlfriend, something that makes him even more adorable. Even on Instagram, he apparently has over 60 thousand followers.

Source : twitter.com

His latest updates reveal that this will be a 6 month training routine for him. He’s already shared his results from the first month so we can expect more of his transformations coming up. It is not sure how bulky he desires to get by the end but maybe the more the merrier.

This trend of beefing up is very popular among young generations these days and it’s great for us fans too. After all, who better to look up to then the people you admire, especially when it comes to fitness.