Shrawan and Mehendi: We can see lots of women have started designing and decorating their hand with the pigment of Mehendi following the mark of Shrawan month. The different designs and patterns of it that we can observe being shared on the social media sites by many women has become a new fashion trend. But Why girls wear mehendi???


There is a belief that, A dark-colored Mehendi signifies a good marriage. It is considered to be the symbol of fertility. It is also believed that a good it will get you a good husband. This is some superstitious stuff.

On the other side, Mehendi is considered to be a potent herb. It is mostly used on Wedding day such that the application of Mehendi can prevent stress as it cools the body as most of the nerve endings are housed on the hands and feet, So applying Mehendi with the mixture of clove oil and few drops of lemon, which exaggerate the effect helps to reduce the stress and cools down the body. Furthermore, Mehendi is also highly antiseptic so, use of Mehendi can protect the couple from the viral diseases which are most probably during the first wedding night.

To add more to it, The smell of Mehendi also works as a love drug that increases libido so, stronger the scent better the night. So, now you will think about the above statement every time you smell that packet of Mehendi.

It looks like our ancestors were more forward than us.

In the past it used to be traditional and cultural custom mostly followed in India among Hindu women’s and in the Middle East among Muslim women’s. But today it has even spread around our western boundaries loosing its significance. Some even use it as a form of temporary tattoo.

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