BCA in Aadim National College

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) was launched way back in 2071 in Nepal yet Tribhuvan University wasn’t affiliated under it. Tribhuvan University launched BCA for the first time in 2074 when only 6 colleges were licensed with its certification with only 35 openings in each college. Till date, 112 colleges are now affiliated under Tribhuvan University with BCA certification. The BCA program is a 4-year program with a total of 8 semesters. A student is supposed to have at least a minimum of D grade in each subject of grade 11 & 12 with CGPA 2.0 or the second division in 10+2.

A BCA student is an IT student who is eligible to handle almost all kinds of IT related to jobs in different companies like programmers, designers, database developers, project managers, system analysts and more. IF a student successfully completes a bachelor’s degree in BCA, he/she is eligible to choose between MCA, MBA, MIT for further studies at a master’s degree. Although being a 3-year program at the time of launch of the program back then BCA has been upgraded to 4 years bachelor’s degree with almost every subject needed by the student for their personal growth.

To talk about the subjects in BCA, there is a wide variety in it including elective and extra elective as well. You can choose the subject you want to study and get on with it. Basic subjects include computer-related subjects like C, C++, digital logic, Microprocessor, java and more as well as mathematical relatives like mathematics 1, mathematics 2, numerical methods and more. If you are from a poor background and have never studied any such kind of subjects it will probably be difficult for you to pass these subjects as they comprise of logical questions.
But if have already studied any of such subjects in your +2 you won’t be facing too many difficulties. BCA, CSIT & BIT serve similar courses however BCA is known for more practical and real-life scenarios then others which makes it one of the best subjects to choose if you are interested in being a technical person in today’s digital world. From various colleges affiliated under TU with BCA certification Aadim College is one of the most sophisticated colleges to be providing students with this course.

Aadim national college offers students what most of the colleges today miss. i.e. an environment to learn, to grow and to develop themselves so they could adapt themselves and stay ahead in this competitive world. Located at chuchepati, Aadim College is serving BCA as a major subject of concern to its students providing students with every essential resource, study materials, guidance, and a suitable environment for research and innovation. Aadim Sees it’s not enough just to teach students, every student needs to learn something new every day. A small initiation is a giant leap into a bright future. With this ambition of preparing students to compete in this era, Aadim has launched their new BCA course for the academic year 2076. If you are stuck between what to choose or hasn’t made up your mind yet we are offering you the best decision of your lifetime. A chance to grow, a chance to make yourself ready moreover a chance you don’t want to miss.
There is a saying “A right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world”. Are you willing to make a difference? Or are you just going to let go of this change? It’s for you to decide.

Admission Criteria

Candidates who pass the entrance exam taken by the university will be interviewed and the selected candidate from the interview will be eligible for admission.

CourseCredit Hours
Computer Application (Core Courses)71 Hours
Elective Courses12 Hours
Mathematics and Statistics Courses9 Hours
Language Courses6 Hours
Social Sciences and Management Courses15 Hours
Projects and Internships13 Hours
Total Credit Hours126 Hours

Offering colleges

  • Aadim National College
  • Texas International College
  • Samriddhi College
  • Nepal Mega College
  • Bridgewater International College
  • Nesfield International College
  • Lalitpur Engineering College (LEC)
  • Kathmandu BernHardt College
  • Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT)
  • Padmashree International College
  • Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  • Thames International College
  • Kathmandu College of Central State
  • Janamaitri Multiple Campus
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College
  • GoldenGate International College
  • K and K International College
  • Kathmandu College of Technology
  • Dibyabhumi Multiple College
  • ​Kathmandu Business Campus
  • Prime College

Here is the Syllabus and credits hours of BCA

Admission Open for BCA

By: Prithvi Raj Pant

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