Why will I never leave Kathmandu?

Kathmandu, a beautiful valley of Himalayan Country Nepal comprises of three districts Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. Known as the ‘City of Temples’ this small area of 49.45 km2  of Kathmandu District alone includes four of the World Heritage Sites. Moreover, adequate greenery and access to latest technologies make it a perfect place to reside in. Kathmandu boasts some of the best Instagrammable places in Nepal.

Here are a few reasons why I would never leave this beautiful city.

City of Art and culture:

Rich in its typical Newari culture and other rich artistic archeological beauties, Kathmandu always provides the best environment if you are a lover of art and architecture.

Bouddha Stupa

Whether it be a short walk in pursuit of fresh air around Pashupatinath through the Mrigasthali jungle to Guheswori in the morning -where you can enjoy both greenery and ancient architectures or be it a stroll around the Boudhanath area in the evening with the peaceful chants of ‘Om Mane Peme’ humming in your ears; there is always a place for you to stay peaceful and blissful here. Let us not miss to mention the peaceful environment of Hanuman Dhoka and Swayanbhunath where with an earpiece stuck in your ears with your favorite music on you can always enjoy the best of your ‘Me-Time’ or ‘Friends-Time’ in that matter.

The best climate you could experience:

The climate here feels best in the world. How can we forget the awesome summer where the name just doesn’t justify how it feels! Unlike the plain areas, it doesn’t really kill you with the heat here.

A view of Kathmandu Valley from Kirtipur, on Monday, August 29, 2016.

Instead, we are all cool as the climate here is always mild due to the hills surrounding the valley. The morning breeze from the nearby forests around the valley is something that terai dwellers would die for.

Kathmandu and foodies:

The city has plenty of options for foodies to try from. From traditional Newari foods being served around the Durbar Squares to numerous MoMo stalls around the valley makes up a favorite spot for every food lover. The number of people hovering inside Sundhara momo stall and their enthusiasm to try it speaks it all.

MoMo in Kathmandu
Momo a famous dish in Kathmandu

Similarly, small stalls of Panipuris and chaats filled with young and adults depicts the craze of Kathmandu dwellers for foods as such. Lassi stalls in Asan, Bara Stall in Khichapokhari, Icecream parlors at the same arena are always filled with these food lovers.

Around the Valley:

Kathmandu district being near to other nearby beautiful neighbors like Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kirtipur make it a perfect place to live in a few hours or minutes of a drive can take you to the lap of mother nature.

Siddh Pokhari in Kathmandu Valley
Siddha Pokhari in Bhaktapur

Be it the beautiful Lake of Taudaha or the waterfall in Jhor one to two hour of a ride and you are there enjoying the nature. Places like Changunarayan temple, Siddhapokhari, Dakshinkali, Farping, Sundarijal, Godavari, Macche-gaun, Budhanilkantha, Matatirtha and many more are all few hours of ride away.

Kathmandu for adventurers: And then there are other groups of people who would find all this boring and would rather opt for some real trek or hike. But Kathmandu has the solution for them as well.

Hiking in Kathmandu
Hiking around Kathmandu Valley

The best short altitude hikes around the world can be found around Kathmandu district. Daunting and astounding beauty of beautiful snow peaks in the far horizon and the green woods itself gives new hope and energy to live. Trekking routes like the ones listed below can always be an attractive destination for these adventurers

  • Buddhanilkantha-Jhor
  • Budhanilkantha-Shivapri
  • Balaju-Nagarjun
  • Sundarijal-Chisapani
  • Godavari-Fulchowki

Getting bumped into tourists from around the world during these visits around the valley and getting into chitchats with them always becomes icing on the cake for both locals and foreigners themselves.

World in a city:

Someone rightly said that it is the heart that enjoys and Kathmandu is a heaven for those who could understand and enjoy both art/architecture and landscapes.  Resided by multilingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic people from diverse backgrounds this city proves to be an open book for learners, nature’s lap for adventurers and art for artists. This place can be a source of knowledge for architectures and a perfect workplace for researchers of Anthropology, Arts and Architecture.

Despite all the flaws, I still accept Kathmandu. I know there still is a lot to count.