A Unique Historical Marriage In Nepal: Sudin Acharya And Aamna Safik


A Unique Historical Marriage In Nepal: Sudin Acharya And Aamna Safik

Facebook helps some relation to burgeon and develop more and becomes the prime initiator to destroy some as well. Recently, the news and social media platforms have been reiterating the story of the newly married couple Sudin Acharya and Aamna Safik. The couple met through Facebook and their relationship grew up stronger and stronger with the daily use of it.

The 23-year-old boy Sudan and 22-year-old Aamna officially tied a knot in the district court. Sudin is the permanent resident of Baglung Municipality-12, Amalachaur, Nepal and Aamna are from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She is doing her IT course therein Pakistan whereas Sudin is an overseer and the formal marriage ceremony was done successfully in the court in the presence of Judge Prakash Prasad Pandit and Acharya’s parents.

“It’s a kind of a marriage; a romantic tale like no other,” said Pandit. As indicated by Safik, her parents and relatives, who have given their approval to the marriage, couldn’t come to Nepal for the special gracing. In their absence, Safik presented her marriage application with Pakistani citizenship, instructive endorsements and recommendations from Baglung Municipality-12.

It has come through sources that they were engaged in social media before 2 years and the girl learnt Nepali writings and reading as well in this period. In most of the interreligious marriage, either a groom or a bride is said to change their religion, but it is not the case here in Sudin and Aamna. They have taken an oath, “We will not ask each other to convert. We both will practice our own religions,”.

This is a historical marriage ceremony in Nepal and unique in all dimensions, congratulation to both of them and their parents as well who in spite of the religion barrier and international border accepted the marriage proposal.