An 8-Year-Old Child Is Brutally Killed After His Kidnap

According to sources, it has been known that an 8-year-old child Prayas Kunwar who has been kidnapped 2 days prior was found dead. Further, it has come to notice that his own family driver killed him brutally. The resident of Gongabu has been reported missing two days ago and later his dead body was found inside a bag in Mhepi, Kathmandu.


Prayas’s father runs a guest house in gongabu area and Prayas Kunwar went missing from the guest house on Tuesday. Police confirmed that his family driver Mahendra Sarki, who was 22 years of age, kidnapped him from the guest house took to the jungle and brutally killed him in Kakani. The Metropolitan Police Crime Division’s SP Dhiraj Pratap Singh said that they found the body after Sarki took them to a bridge from where he threw and dumped.

Sarki, a young boy was in work for only about a month and was little negligence in his work, so he was warned time and again to concentrate on work. The reason of murder is not yet known.

This leads not only family into the deep melancholy but the whole country has mourned due to this sadness. This society and nation are not even safe for breathing, this was not the same Nepal which used to be before. And this is not the place where we want to live in, where our child/girls and younger ones are not safe to walk alone.

Capital Punishment is a must to deter all these heinous crimes beings committed one after the other and due to lack of punishment for the culprit, they get free and get motivated and raise themselves for bigger crimes. Why does innocent always becomes a target? When does every individual in our society mark themselves safe and free of fear to walk and live alone and feel a sense of security?