rape case solved
Shreya rape case solved, police captures the murderer. Source: ekantipur

Another heart wrecking news of a child murder and rape case plagues news portals everywhere. Fear runs deep within the souls of people all over the country. It seems like no one is safe, be it a girl or a boy. There’s no regards to age, gender, religion or anything basically. This terrible crime wave that has been going on for months now seems unstoppable. Rape and murder is becoming a common news to hear which is beyond shameful for our country which was once declared the zone of peace.

The Government is trying all they can to bring an end to this miserable state our country is in. However, their efforts is like a drop in the ocean with little to no effects. Recently, ISPs and NSPs banned a list of porn sites to prevent rapes. A few days later, we hear this unholy news of another child of 10 murdered and raped before. It seems unbelievable until you see the brutal images yourself and when you do, you wish you hadn’t. It’s that heartbreaking.

Just when one case of 13-year old Nirmala’s rape and murder wasn’t solved, another 10 year old was found murdered on Tuesday. Her name was Shirya Sunwar. She was a 3rd grader staying at her maternal home when she went to the store and never came back. Police thankfully, were able to arrest the criminal this time. 27-year old Kusum Poudel was Shreya’s neighbor and murderer. He confessed to being on the influence of alcohol and marijuana so he tortured, raped then murdered the victim.

Was the ban on porn effective? Certainly not yet! Should government ban alcohol since marijuana is already illegal? What they’re failing to acknowledge are the two main things that is the root of all this chaos. It all comes down to the mentality and awareness among people. This time the murderer was captured but that isn’t a triumph to celebrate. This whole thing needs to stop. Let’s hope that the news spreading like wildfire at least makes people more careful. Implementing strict punishment could prevent such things from happening. We can all agree that we never wish to hear such news again. May her departed soul rest in peace!