Nirmala Panta’s Father Yagya Raj Panta Driven Into Insanity: The Culprit Yet Not Found!!

How can one understand the pain, agony and a feeling of deep melancholy more than the father whose daughter had been raped? And the most painful part is being the culprit who is roaming free with a motivation and freedom of committing more heinous crimes. Yeah! I am talking about the unsolved case of Nirmala Panta and the condition of his father. It had been months since the case has been unsolved.

Nirmala Panta
Yagya Raj Panta Being Treated In Hospital

And the news had been intermittent, some days there will be no shortage of headlines covering pages with Nirmala Panta and some of the day’s news fades from the headlines. Nirmala Pant’s father who has been in a protest outside the Kanchanpur Headquarters in Mahendranagar. After two long weeks of continuous protest, Nirmala’s father Yagya Raj Panta started showing the signs of stress which lead him to mental illness.

Nirmala Panta
Yagya Raj Panta, The Father of Nirmala Panta, Being Brought To TU Teaching Hospital For Treatment.

With the increase in the illness and mental behavior he was decided to take Kathmandu but his aggressive behavior and refusal to move forward, the airline refuses to board him. Later, it was found that he suffered from ‘Acute And Transient Psychotic Disorder’.

Nirmala Panta
Who Is The Culprit?

Nirmala Panta went missing on July 26, and her body was found in a sugarcane field. The capability of the Police and the Home Ministry to resolve the crime, their attempt to destroy evidence, frame an innocent person with the crime and what looked to the general people is the police trying to hide the real criminal. This has scandalized her family and human rights, activists. The medical professionals revealed the mental strain was too much to bear for Yagya Raj Panta, and he went into insanity.