Facebook Inc.’s, the biggest social networking site is inaccessible to some users across the whole world, especially in Europe. It has been started on Sunday at 4:30 pm IST(GMT +5:30) for about 2 hours. This problem was not only seen on Facebook but Instagram and WhatsApp also experienced the same. Facebook’s domain was fully inaccessible for two hours whereas Instagram and Whatsapp were refusing to refresh the news feed and chat messages respectively. Messenger also has faced the same problem.

The reason after the breakdown of Instagram and Whatsapp when Facebook went down was because Instagram and Whatsapp are also owned by Zuckerberg. Though it was just 2 hours of breakdown Mark may have faced huge trouble and yeah significant loss. A problem like this has been faced earlier too, numbers of time.

Technicals from Facebook have not given any wordings about the cause of the outage of all the three services at once. However, there are so many technicals who amended it within 2 hours of the span. There are technical persons sitting for solving the problem.

Facebook is a social networking site available in multi-language. It was founded 15 years ago, on February 04, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Today bring its 15th anniversary, congratulations to Mark and the team for connecting the world by the communication media. It is considered one of the big foundation establishing itself in the top 5 companies: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Facebook, at first, was introduced only in Harvard college by Mark and later explored to the country and now worldwide. Thanks and congratulations to Mark for making everything at ease and comfort.