Don’t Missout To Watch Shrinkhala On The Final Event Of The Contest: Make Her Feel Proud

The architect, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, from Nepal is only 1 step closer to the title of Miss Nepal World. The day has finally marked its movement at the steady rate, the days of wait is over. The final of Miss World 2018 is coming closer and closer and closer. In this race, many of beauties from all over the world compete and give their best in every way.

Shrinkhala khatiwada

Miss Khatiwada to compete in the race and bring the glory in Nepal needs lots and lots of votes and support. Till today, Shrinkhala has tried to bring up herself and mostly Nepal to the top so that to make culminate and raise its pride and glory to the whole world. Actually, the contest of Miss World is exploring platforms for girls to know that how these girls can bring the best change possible in the world and how the earth can feel change by their effort.

Miss Shrinkhala Khatiwada is walking a lot for the Title. The youtube and news platform has been leading the top contents of Miss Khatiwada. There has been no shortage of headlines since Shrinkhala has been on the Miss World Contest. She has been representing the nation, establishing its pride. She has won the Multimedia Award, Beauty With The Brain Award and been on the list of top 30 finalists. She is getting a huge response from the contest team too.

Now, it’s our turn to support her, make her win the contest by voting. There are several platforms from where we can vote. These all information for voting can be found on the Miss World Official Page and one can also follow Miss Shrinkhala Khatiwada on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Mobstar account where she has mentioned the details for voting in several ways.

The Blue Crown is on the way Nepal. All The Best Shrinkhala, Do Well and bring the crown home.