Dr. Govind Kc, A Deeply Venerated Hero Gave Free Services For Needy In Rural Areas

Dr. Govind Kc is a senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at Tribhuvan University, Teaching Hospital. Meanwhile, he is busy giving free services over the rural areas of Nepal to the needy ones. He is known for humanitarian works in Nepal, and outside the nation for his activism in favor of people and medicines, notably the Institute Of Health- Patan Academy of Health Sciences. He is a positive warrior who always fights and risks his life for the country.


Dr. Govind Kc is a non-violence warrior, protestor, and his fasts have always created immense pressure on the governmental bodies and stakeholders. Though his profession, his talents, and his abilities give him a life full of pleasure, he is known for his simplicity and positive attitude. His benevolence towards the needy and poor is such that he can’t see tears in their eyes.

A highly respected and worshipped warrior and a life saver always risks his life for the betterment of the general public. His violence will be of life-saving and a non-profit for him too but look at his dedication, kindness, and respect towards the people. Wow! a man like him is really hard and difficult to explore. Government after his protests have reverted and retracted many of the plans. His has been on hunger strike for 15 times already and most of his strike leading him to a serious health concern, even when he doesn’t stop.

Dr Govind KC
Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital’s orthopaedic surgeon Prof Dr Govinda KC providing health facilities to flood victims at a health camp in Talathi-7 of Saptari.

He has always fought for the corruption and malpractice in the medical field and avoided its practices. Although the high ranked professionals always search for the source to make money and establish their own medical institutions out to make money, he gives the services for the needy in the best way possible and free of cost. He is one of the most popular people in the country, especially among the doctors, older people, and young students. He is a true source of inspiration for us.