FIFA Ranking of Nepal

Well in the era where a degree isn’t the only way to get popular and successful, people are going on for searching of diversities in variety fields.  By now it has been proven by various of personals that to earn money or respect, sports or athletics is also a great option to move on with if the individual has interest and talent. Let’s discuss in a specific manner about the football, craze of today’s individuals. In particular, let’s move on to talk about the ranking of Nepal in FIFA.

In Rana regime back in 1921, football has already taken the lead and was considered as a national sport. Then tournament games started to evolve. The major tournament includes Ram Janaki Cup (1934), Tribhuvan Challenge Shield (1948). Then an association was established in 1951 as a pathway to improve the quality and performance of players on the Football named “All Nepal Football Association (ANFA).” This is primarily responsible for seeing the formation of the National football team of Nepal and also to improve players performance and give possible responses on the player.

Presently, the head coach of the team is Koji Gyotaku and caption of the team is Biraj Maharjan being the most captain 65 times till date. Hari Khadka and Nirajan Rayamaji have been a top scorer. The home stadium of Nepal is Dasharath Rangasala Stadium.FIFA code of Nepal is NEP. They have set a nickname of the team as “The Gorkhalis.”


Nepal has entered FIFA in the year 1970 for the first time in history.

Till now the ranking varies as

Lowest  196 ( January 2016)

Highest  121 ( December 1993 – February 1994)

Current   161 ( 7 July 2018) and has been increased by 3 rankings this year.

Now, what can one infer from the above rankings? Why is it not able to move to top positions? Why are the potential ones not able to show improvement?

This may imply to the fault of the government. It is not providing the correct resources for the development of players. They will get the training only before one month of the tournament. How can one show his potential then? There is no proper hunt for the talent. No proper grounds, platform for the players to play on.

Countries like Panama and Iceland were in rank below Nepal, now they already played their world cup for the first time, and Nepal has been descending downward.