Flood in Bhaktapur area has been a Prime Problem of the Nation

bhaktapur flood 2018
Source: Republica

The unprecedented, relentless rain lead to swelling of the major river Hanumante which caused the life-threatening and devastating fear in and around people. The areas from Radhe Radhe to Nikosera and along both sides of Araniko highway on the way to Chardobato to Balkot have been heavily inundated. The level of water is four feet from the ground surface. The areas like Kamerotar land and Madyapur Thimi also has been drenched. More than 200 houses have already been water-soaked and if the rain doesnot stop it is going to add still more.

People in and around areas are distressed about the happenings. All the shops, departmental stores, and supermarket have been closed or drowned to be more pronounced. According to sources, a total of 8 people found dead till now including three members of the family and more than 3000 people are overridden temporarily due to the flood. The flood started on Wednesday night and is still not under control.

And this is the second time it has hit Bhaktapur; it hit previously in 2015 displacing 850 people at the Maheshwari playground from their temporary shelters. Those were the victims of earthquake already that year and were homeless. Rescue team are allotted and are on the way. There are around 700 security personnel, more than five dozen  Armed Police force and Nepal Army soldiers and   Red Cross members were also deployed for the rescue operation. They used rafts and cranes to rescue the people.

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