Ju Manu Rai to Haiti for Peace Mission:

National Player and Nepal Police Club Striker, Ju Manu Rai is assigned to go for Peace Mission in Haiti. Ju Manu Rai to Haiti, is absolutely a new news for everyone.

Nepal Police Club Striker, who won Pulsar Player of the Year (2007), is also a national team player in Striker position for National Football Team of Nepal. He played for Machhindra FC and Club All Youth Linkage and he even holds a permanent post as an Employee of Nepal Police.

According to the news report, it is claimed that he will be departing this Monday. The mission in Haiti will last for a year. He said that he will be continuing his career as a football player, after completing his Mission in Haiti.

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He even stated that he wants to contribute to the Nepal Police Club with his dedication and rigid commitment.

For more read: http://ujyaaloonline.com/news/96428/Juman-Rai

We wish him good luck for his Peace Mission to Haiti.