Kathmandu faces a massive challenge of pollution.

While Nepal generally evokes image of a pristine mountain nation on top of the world but its capital city Kathmandu is suffering a deadly disease of air pollution. The thick cloud of air pollution threatens health of the overall city. Several other problems like water shortage also pose threat to the livability of the city but air pollution seems to have more severe impact directly on the public health.

Pollution in Kathmandu
Pollution in Kathmandu, Pic Source: (Samir Limbu, Nepalese In Photography)

Since 2000 AD the number of vehicles have been tripled in Kathmandu. With construction and infrastructural work going on dusty air have suffocated the Kathmanduites.
The latest Environment Performance Index (EPI) 2016 released at the World Economic Forum puts Nepal 177 among 180 countries in terms of air quality.

Nepal ranks 149th out of 180 countries in overall performance, according to Yale’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

The government seems to have little interest in the minimization of the pollution while the public continue to suffer. The problem has become acute shortly due to which many air borne diseases are becoming common among the public.

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The site of commuters wearing pollution mask is becoming increasingly common in the city.

Pollution in Kathmandu
Girl suffocating in pollution in Kathmandu, Pic Source: (Nepalese In Photography)

As it seems capital of Nepal urgently needs a special attention in pollution control.