Mahasai Dam in India inundates Kapilvastu

pic credit (The Kathmandu Post – eKantipur)

Up to when? In what-what matters? How are the citizens of Nepal able to resist all these disaster changes? Be it a natural disaster or caused by the construction or destruction of structures. Due to carelessness and ignoring the nature of government; people are suffering out of the hell. Such is the story of Nepalese residing in Kapilvastu. Dam in India has inundated all the rice fields in Kapilvastu.

More than Two hundred and Fifty acres of land of rice paddies in Bhagwanpur, Kapilvastu have been flooded because of the dam built across Mahasai river by Indian government across the Nepal-India border. The border residents: The Mahasai Dam is built 300 meters across the Indian border. It is no more doubt that every year the place is hit by the relentless rain which raises the level of water by 4 to 5 feet than the normal seasons of the year. So the water level in the dam and of course reservoir also rises. You may wonder now, how is this even related to the flood and why is this being mentioned.

The construction of water bound structures is not a problem to those border resides but every monsoon the dam gates are closed inundating the near side of Nepal. A farmer Bishnu Prasad Kewat lost his rice cropped on two bighas of land due to the flood. Not only crops but the village Lauharahlli has also been hit badly by flood causing the devastation to livelihood. The Water Induced Disaster control Division Office has already been mentioned about the issue by the Chief District officer Madan Bhujel and has requested to take up the matter with several Indian Authorities.

Till when are they to suffer, to lost their economy, wealth and health too? This is not a problem of only Kapilvastu; every year during monsoon the huge Saptakoshi inundates  Terai in much excess amount. Its reason is the same; the dam gate remains closed. The foundation in  Kapilvastu exemplifies the Saptakoshi but to the larger extent. Why is government being quiet, serene and hiding in the hole? The government has to take some action and solve this issue very faster, so this recurring problem finds a solution. This flooding issue, border disputes have to be settled out properly to minimize inconvenience for the people in the nation by the ministry of foreign affairs.

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