Who doesn’t fancy finding a big bag full of cash just out of nowhere? Even if we find a small amount randomly lying on the street we wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up. That’s how powerful money really is. But consider a scenario that you find a wallet with loads of cash. What if the wallet was stacked with $30,000? What would you do? It’s your lucky day, isn’t it? It’s not stealing if you randomly found it, so why not take it? Not everyone has that mentality. Just recently a Nepalese train worker in Sydney Naresh Awal, has proven humanity still exists. He found such a wallet and relentlessly searched for and found the owner. For his remarkably good deed, authorities decided awarded him.

Naresh Awal
Naresh Awal and Fahd Elshorafa found the bag on a platform. Source: Media

Naresh Awal a train employee from Nepal and his co worker Fahd Elshorafa found a wallet with $28,600 cash inside. The wallet also had a Chinese passport inside and a weird receipt. Now, it may seem like they were lucky in finding so much cash in a wallet. But that passenger who lost his belongings would also be devastated. These two honest employees decided to think about their passenger and not themselves.

The wallet that had almost $30,000 in it belonged to a Chinese passenger.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, the two co workers had a very hard time trying to find the rightful owner of the wallet. They went to the authorities and decided to declare it out to the passengers. Fortunately, the owner who had lost his wallet heard the surprising news soon enough. He hadn’t even realized how his belongings were missing until he heard the announcements. He was so overwhelmed by the honesty of the workers that he almost burst into tears. Who wouldn’t? The owner wished to reward the workers but they refused. Their good deed and the fact that they were able to help someone was reward on its own. Bravo!

Mr. Naresh has certainly played a wonderful role in boosting the reputation of Nepalese people overseas. As a result, the Sydney Trains customer service awarded the two workers the “Beyond Brilliant” award. We’re beyond proud of our fellow countrymen for this amazing act of honesty and humanity.