Here Is How Leonardo DiCaprio Is Helping Nepal To Become The First Country To Double Tiger Population


There was a time when poachers disgraced our wildlife and endangered many rare animals. Conservation personnel used to have such a hard time trying to protect our wild gems. But those dark days of hunting and poaching is now far behind us. Efforts of preserving these rare and endangered species has proved fruitful. First, we were able to bring significant increase in the population of one horned rhinoceros. So much that we even gifted two of them to our friendly neighbor to the north, China. Now, we’ve made history in conserving the national animal of our neighbor to the south, India. Yes, Nepal is on her way to become the first nation to double tiger population.

Banke np1According to recent survey findings, the total population of wild tigers is now 235 which is double of what researchers counted back in 2009. 13 countries including Nepal had pledged to double their tiger population by the year 2022. Nepal however, is well on her way to complete this before any other countries. Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, partnered with WWF to make this achievement possible. The rigorous monitoring and anti-poaching methods have certainly paid off. Amidst hunting and poaching still a major threat to tiger population across Southeast Asia, Nepal sets an example for the rest of the world towards preservation.

camera trap image of a tiger in NepalRescue Efforts:

The conservation project spanned across nearly 1700 square miles of area. A total of 4,387 camera trap images, line transects, and occupancy and prey density surveys were used for monitoring the tigers and ensuring their well being. All concerned bodies made relentless efforts day in and day out to make sure they succeed. Now, Nepal is getting praises from everywhere. Star actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently tweeted of how proud he is of his foundation’s partnership supporting Nepal to double tiger population successfully.

double tiger populationWe as humans, are the most intelligent beings on planet earth but sometimes we’re not even smart enough to know better. Our delicate ecosystem needs all living things well balanced to sustain life for a long long time. Let’s support the teams involved in this wonderful mission to protect endangered wildlife and eradicate ruthless hunting forever!