Nepalese Students In Australia In A Big Problem: Read To Know More About It

Once you clear up your basic education then you will come upon hurdles and struggles to initiate the new life. Either you should get engaged in the job and get some handsome salary and acquire all skills or get involved in some educational qualifications and excel yourself further. In the same race to get more qualified, many of the youths of Nepal are going abroad to study. There are many challenges these Nepalese face outside the country.

Recently, it came as news that more than 1000 Nepalese students in Australia have been in big trouble: The college they have been studying from the past few years have not been registered officially and the credits what they have earned till now will be vague and of no use. They will not be transferred for further studies. There was a gathering of such students in a place and they all spoke about the recent problem to Ravi Lamichhane in a program called Sidha Kura Janata Sanga.

In a program, Ravi talked with the education minister and promised that he will help them in any way possible. Now, lets come to the climax, these all students went through the educational consultancies from Nepal with all their eyes closed and with full trust in them. The students also mentioned that the consultancies that send them knew about this fact earlier and pushed the students in a trouble for some lakhs.


The problem has now already been flashed and the students are in trouble but the students should at least have done some ample research about the place, course, universities, its ranking and all. There has been no shortage of headlines about these frauds consultants all over Nepal. Whether be in Australia, Canada, Europe or Africa or anywhere in the world these frauds have started to cheat the decent people. And all this news teach us to be aware of the time.

Students or anyone if they are unable to process by themselves at least they should have minimum research on the future they are gonna live for years. Its lakhs and lakhs of money they should spend on reaching there and if the frauds come up like this, these students have to maintain a loss of money, their educational gap and many other problems.

So the last message, SAY NO TO CONSULTANCIES.