Nepalese women to join British Gurkha Brigade

gurkha brigade

Good News for Nepalese women. Now there will not only be the term “British Laure,” but also something like “British Laurene” as Britain is launching a major recruitment drive where women will also get an opportunity to serve in the front-lines in the units such as Gurkhas and Paras. This campaign ends the tradition of recruiting only the men in the front line units.

But the recruitment process is not going any easier. The recruitment process which is going to be held in Pokhara next year is going to be rigorous with stringent physical tests similar to the men’s. Only a few selected ones will be flown to North Yorkshire for a ten week of the training program. The recruitment will include an infantry battalion plus the engineering and communication units. The first female force is going to join the battalion in 2020. So, it’s time to gear up ladies.

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The Gurkha Regiment has been serving in the British Army for more than 200 years. The Gurkha Regiment has been there since 1815 after the Anglo Nepal War. Gurkha Regiment is known as the bravest and the best elite group, with the proud history of serving her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in both the world wars and recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. At present there are about 3,000 Gurkhas mostly in the infantry branch of the British Army, recruiting 250 men each year.