Nepal’s Glory, Dharahara’s Construction Work Initiated: Now To Be Build for 22 Stories

After so much of tedious process and long procrastination, the government has finally started the construction of Nepal’s pride, The tallest Dharahara. The former 9-story building is to be constructed for 22-story at the center of Sundhara. It was started from a few days ago and is a project to be completed within 2 years of time.

Former 9-storyed Dharahara

Dharahara is also called the Bhimsen tower, it was constructed by Bhimsen Thapa in 1832 and is the site recognized by UNESCO. It was a part of the architectural masterpiece from the back then in Kathmandu. And the major earthquake in 2015 devastated the dignity and prestige of Nepal: the 9-storied Dharahara fell down as a part of the same and left the country in deep melancholy. But finally, though after 3 years, the project has been initiated with a great hope, enthusiasm and a huge number of technical teams to flourish the lost and forgotten pride.

Dharahara After Earthquake In 2015

Now, the big question mark arises in between the initiation and the completion of work; Nepalese government is known to be a big procrastinator, the works it has been initiating for a short-term project has not been completed yet. Let’s take the example of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project which was to be completed within 2 years but has been a long period and still it is under construction. Hope this project will go as per the plans and schedule and establishes the pride of Nepal and Nepalese even more than before.

The fallen Dharahara will stand and rise again. The work has been funded by Nepal Reconstruction Authority, the governmental body which takes the initiative of the construction works and their efforts. It has been told that unlike the old tower that was built before, the new tower will be made of new materials that are an earthquake resistant and by using latest earthquake-resistant technology. So, even if the earthquake strikes the building it will be made sure that the building will be in its safe limit to operate. The ruined base will be kept as a memory for those killed in a disaster.

New Plan of Dharahara

This is not the first incarnation of the building it was destroyed as a result of the earthquake in 1934: The top portion was destroyed and after the reconstruction, it was reduced to 9-storey. In fact, this would be the third incarnation and hopefully the strongest and catchy one.