Priyanka and Ayushman Engaged













The popular couples who have always been in the highlight and a matter of gossip due to the difference in their age have now engaged on Saturday, July 14 in a private function. The engagement took the media with a surprise as it was unannounced. Raveena Desraj Shrestha, the mother of Ayushman, was the first to reveal the photos of their engagement through her Instagram followed by Ayushman and Priyanka themselves.
In the engagement members from both, the families attended the event.
But this the not the first time Priyanka has been engaged as her previous marriage did not work out. She married to Rochak Mainali in 2010 at the age of 22 but divorced two years later.

“It is with absolute joy and pleasure; we announce that we have decided on FOREVER. Pop the champagne guys, I’m changing my last name!!#ayanka “ Priyanka Karki posted a picture on Instagram.

Congratulation to beautiful couple #priyankakarki Follow @nepaliactressphotos @priyanka.karki

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Ayushman also posted to Instagram with:
“I wouldn’t say that this is the beginning to all things beautiful, that happened the day you said that you loved me. Today I am officially yours, to nag, to rag and to love.”
Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi (born 17 December 1993) is a VJ, model and recently turned actor. He rolled into his career as an actor in his debut movie Chapali Height 2. Ayushman is the son of Bhavendra Joshi and Raveena DS Joshi, Deputy General Manager of Mega Bank Nepal Limited. He also has a brother Aashirman Desraj Joshi who has also stepped into film Industry following his brother.

Priyanka Karki (born 27 February 1987) a bold and talented woman, who is a model, VJ, singer, dancer, actress and also former Miss Teen Nepal. She has been the most popular and favored female actor in the Nepali Film Industry lately. Karki is a native to Kathmandu and also has a younger brother. She was always into acting, but her career started after being crowned Miss Teen Nepal at the age of 18. Furthermore, She has a degree in filmmaking from the US but, not yet from America.

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