Roman Reign To Leave WWE for At Least a Year: Look For The Reason Why He Left Us Emotional

Days were evolved into a deep melancholy and nights turned out to be mournful after the emotional heartbreaking news was flashed out to the public and WWE; Roman Reign, an American professional wrestler, after the medical test confirmed that he is a victim of Leukemia. The Big Dog will be out of the WWE’s ring at least for a year after the confirmation of leukemia diagnostic test by the leukemia specialist Dr. Joeseph Alvarnas. Roman Reign is the ring name of a former football player, Leati Joseph Anoa’i, and was signed as an official wrestler in 2010. He has been fighting with the Leukemia since age 22 when he entered into remission.

Roman Reign

Roman Reign has won world’s championship WWE for four times, WWE World’s Heavyweight Championship three times and the Universal Championship once. There are many another championship title he has been accoladed with. Not only the WWE titles he has been popular in football since his school days, he was titled defender of the year and won many prizes and titles in his football career.

Roman Reign
Roman Reign Playing Football

This was his part in sports and athletics, don’t stop he has been a part of the cinemas too and occurred many times in big cinemas. His recent movie was Countdown in 2017 and Good morning Britain in 2018.

A person born with inherent talents left all the fans and well-wishers into a deep melancholy after the announcement. The world is being monumental and the amount of love and support Reigns got inside the WWE lockers room left everyone emotional. It’s extremely sad and unexpected that Roman Reign would have to leave WWE this way.

Let’s hope for the faster recovery of Roman Reigns and let’s pray for him. The team Honeydoze expresses sympathy and wish him faster recovery.