Sacar Is Back On Industry Rocking Again: His Song Featuring Uniq Poet Is #3 On Trending


Sacar Is Back On Industry Rocking Again: His Song Featuring Uniq Poet Is #3 On Trending

Sacar has finally come back and uploaded a song on Youtube featuring Uniq poet. He is a rapper and was in Australia for long. He is seen rapping in the video of the song, The king of Nephop had made the song #3 on trending on Youtube app. Of course, they have been loved and this is the result of the love from their fans.

Sacar had been on media for so many reasons for his upsurge in the music industry and for the downfall of his career due to malpractice of the drugs. Sacar while he has been on Australia, he was taken to the hospital for the excessive use of drugs and for his behaviors father and sister had called the police for help: To control the son and brother to be away from drugs anymore. The action they did wasn’t right as per lilbuddha and hence he had uploaded a video responding to them which went viral (He even used abusing words).

But who knows what, time will tell everything and portray the future’s map: He has changed already by now and is the king of rap. All he did was forget about the past and struggled for the future and this is why he got success. After all fighting with spirit is the true victory, the golden face of the future hence will be easily found if you forget the past and learn the lesson from it. The lilbudhha has taught us this lesson. Yeah! he his known as little Yama Budhha.

This combo of Uniq Poet and Sacar( Lil Buddha) has taken Nephop to another level. The reason for only talking about Sacar is for his comeback from the degraded past. The exemplary given to Sacar, however, does not undermine Uniq Poet. He is equally good.