It was mankind’s greatest achievement when Neil Armstrong first took the first steps on our moon. In just a few decades, space travel is now too common of a thing. All those years of space related science fiction is now closer to reality than ever. SpaceX, Elon Musk‘s space mission will now be sending a man on the moon for a vacation. We must be running out of exotic locations here on Earth which is probably why Japanese billionaire Yusako Maezawa is planning a special trip to the moon. He will thus become the very first man in human history to have a vacation on the moon.Image result for yusaku maezawa

Now it is still a while before history’s very first vacation on the moon unfolds. Mankind will have to wait for about 5 years as this trip is scheduled in the year 2023. That too, if everything goes according to plan. This will be the first manned mission to the moon since 1972 A.D. and we can clearly see how Elon Musk is way more thrilled than his passenger.

Maezawa certainly knows how to make the most of life. He isn’t the richest man on earth but this businessman will surely make the entire population of nerds jealous. This isn’t his first extravagant expenditure. He recently also bought a painting for 110.5 million dollars from a reputed artist in New York. In fact, he’s so into arts and space travels, he plans to take 6 artists with him for his trip to capture his historic moment in paintings. If he isn’t a dreamer then who is?

vacation on the moon

SpaceX is also going all out to prepare with full throttle for this very first of its kind mission. In order to take Maezawa into space, land on the moon, have him explore the lunar land and finally return safely back to earth, they’re going to use their most prestigious ‘Big Falcon’ rocket. This is a humongous 35 storey high rocket capable of flying dozens of people at once. Musk acknowledges the fact that the trip isn’t yet certain and carries huge risks that can’t be discarded. Well, they do have 5 years to plan for this extraordinary journey and what an event it will be to witness when it finally does happen for real.