Stone Thrown At The Popular Singer VTEN, He Cried On Stage At The Concert In Pokhara

During the concert in Pokhara, VTEN cried after stone being thrown at him in the stage. The famous and popular singer Samir Ghising who is giving hits after hits got hit by a stone and cried with tears gushing out of his eyes. This can be called a mirrored incident as the same happened in Chitwan the last time.

Changing time and being mesmerized by the same, we human follow modern and modernization techniques daily and we are mixing with the same to progress forward. Along with the new art and literature, songs and music also differ from the listeners of different generations. The desire of time or the increasing craze of the youths for the music, rap songs have got a profound scope and the never-ending love from the fans.

One of the names who has been the prayer of music since his childhood is VTEN, Samir Ghising. Vten, the young Nepali rapper, and songwriter started his career with the song Churot which emerged out to be his life-changing initiation. He established his big name in Nep-hop industry. He is a popularly seen singing the Hip-hop and rap as his genre.

The stage has been bulged on the fire by the anger of VTEN and it had been a daunting task to control him. The organizer even apologized with VTEN for the unfortunate mishappening. Later, he cried and continued the stage performance and asked not to punish the one who is behind the scene for all these.

His famous songs were Simsime Pani, Laure Ko Fashion, Halkhabar and many more. Samir Ghising turns out to become VTEN, the name signifying a sign of love, being given by his best friend Sujan.

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