Terror Attack In NewZealand: Read To Know More 

By now, you may already have come up with the news: The terror attack in NewZealand. The world is really moving towards negativity, in the so incident it is found that 49 people were killed brutally. And look at the braveness of the terrorists he entered a mosque and killed all the people out there. It’s completely insane that a person is out of his mind and acting psychopath killing the innocent people and creating a live video like he is playing a game.

Someday its rape, the other day its violence against women, the terror attack, when you count the crimes and violence against women, trafficking, polygamy, child marriage, rape, attempted rape, domestic violence, and accusation of practising ‘witchcraft’ in the recent months you will find it increased by around 50 %.

Earth has provided enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed. This is why these heinous crimes are being increased tremendously: Either to quench the thirst of the philanderer or to take revenge or to fulfil an act of lust or the sexual gratification or just to entertain, or something else.

The recent incident on NewZealand, the Mumbai incident back before some years everything resembles the revenge of some psychopath and their foolish act. Be safe and track yourself before anyone reaches you or knocks your door.