The Emotional Letter by Pakistan Army to Arrested Indian Army’s Son Is Being Viral On Social Media


The Emotional Letter by Pakistan Army to Arrested Indian Army’s Son Is Being Viral On Social Media

Many of us are aware of the fact that India and Pakistan are the greatest rivals from ancient time and seems immortal as of now. These fights time and again digging different problems and creating a series of mishappenings for the residents of both nations. Recently, India and Pakistan have been on conflict and lots of destruction and devastation has been caused due to the result of the same.

inida vs pakistan

The letter by the Pakistan Army to arrested Indian Army’s Son has touched everyone’s heart. According to sources, the war initiated because of the killing more than 44 Indian armies by a Kashmiri terrorist. India on following the same dropped air bomb and killed 300 terrorists in more than 3 places. Now, they have come to an agreement to stop the war and discuss wisely on a meeting. The Indian Army Abhinandan who was captured by Pakistan is now released safely is back in India.

The letter goes like this, ”

Hi little bunny!!
Congrats you are going to hug your Dad very soon .We are sending him back to you as a gift no matter if he came to bomb many like you .Bunny listen ! i have a request to you .when he will rush and hug you tight, kindly ask him few questions on my behalf .Ask him : Dad dont kashmiri kids like me have any right to live happily with their Dads ? .Ask Him what if they have left you on the mercy of violent Mob ?.Ask Him what wars and hatred cost ?.Ask him whats is more powerful ? Hate of love ?.Ask Him what is more beautiful life or Death ?.I will be awaiting the answers of these questions .Stay happy little bunny ,I wish you to visit us one day with your dad taking flowers in hands rather than missiles and bombs .Han one thing more, I promise you we will not let anybody snatch your smile and use our land for destruction.Stay happy with your Dad.

Humanity lover,”.

See the tweet of Narendra Modi:

War is not a solution to the problem, it creates more violence and increases negativity amongst the nationals. So, it has been out that Pakistan has come up for agreement and released the captured army too. It’s the Imran Khan vs. Modi who has been showing their armed force as a result of the war.