Will Tejendra Gandharva’s Song Energizes The Investigators To Find The Real Culprit of The Nirmala Panta’s Case?

There has been no shortage of headlines since Tejendra Gandharva depicted Nirmala Panta’s life story in the live round of The Voice of Nepal. The song portraying Nirmala Panta’s rape case has made each of the listeners fain to the mesmerizing song and heart touching lyrics. Since the painful story and a heinous incident was already forgotten by people, Tejendra in the live round revitalized and now it has been evaporating all over like an open vessel of fuel.

Nirmala Panta

The lyrics are crafted with so much perfection and the music composition was wow! just wow. Starting with Nirmala Panta’s family as a whole to her description in a simple way. The proliferation of this heinous crime for girls and the need for their protection, the slow and tedious process of finding a culprit, request for implementation of the very strict law for rape and he even urged the government to pass the rule of hanging till death for the culprit of rape.

Tejendra Gandharva is defined by his Sarangi, soulful and soothing voice, dressings and his kindness in the Voice of Nepal. He is a definite singer who worries about the nation, loves the country people and most of all promote the culture.

Coming to the case of Nirmala Panta, the issue has been a now of the serious concern of the nation and every now and then it the nation is inundating the incident with tears. Still then, there are no clues of the culprit. The 13-year-old girl is dead, her families are in trauma and culprit is roaming free to plan out the preparation of another crime and to kill next Nirmala Panta. Be aware before the crime knocks you.

Rest in Peace Nirmala Panta.