Kathmandu is not only a great city in the base of himalayas but also a unique city having most number of temples.

Some of the most interesting facts about Kathmandu are stated below

1. Naming of Kathmandu:


The city of Kathmandu is named after a structure in Durbar Square called by the Sanskrit name Kāsṣtha mandapa “Wooden shelter”. Unfortunately it was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Kathmandu was also once known as ‘Kantipur’.

2. 17th Capital By Altitude

Kathmandu sits at 4593 feets above sea level. Which gives it the 17th rank in the capital by highest altitude.

3. The Freak Street

kathmandu street

The most famous street in Kathmandu is called the Freak Street where the 60s and 70s hippies used to live.

4. History and Culture

kathmandu history and culture

Kathmandu is the fusion of lot of history and culture around the country and region. It is because it was once the centre of all trade between India and Tibet.

Although the Newars were the original inhabitants of kathmandu they were invaded and defeated by Gorkha kingdom.

5. Sister Cities

Although Kathmandu is a great city in itself it has great relationship between other cities. Kathmandu has an social agreement between Mumbai Miami, Johannesburg, Edinburgh and many more and are called sister cities with Kathmandu. This is done to increase trade and tourism between the cities.

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