Be ready to inundate in a kitchen full of spices, varieties of items, the uniqueness of taste, highly nutritional foods enthralled by flickering firewood and most of those letting you mesmerized. A country of its own ethnicity, cultural diversity, traditional variations all defining their own gastronomy comprising the diverse food heterogeneously. Many Nepali dishes are quite popular not only in the country but also around the world especially in the Nepalese diaspora.

We have compiled a list of 5 Nepali Dishes other than Dal-Bhaat, cooked in crackpots and which makes you salivate.


Gundruk Nepali food

Gundruk, one of the national foods, is made by fermenting the green leafy vegetables of radish, spinach, cauliflower, and roots of radish too. This Nepali Dish has really craved Gorkhali and Nepalese people outside the country. It can be served in different varieties: as a pickle, Vegetable, Appetizer and so on.


Sel Roti Nepali food

It is mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar festivals and other festivals too and has round shape as like donuts. However, the size of selroti is thinner and they are bigger in size. It is made by grinding rice and sugar and other ingredients for good smell. It is made in the countries like Nepal, India, and Bhutan. It is one of the tastiest food items.


Yomari Nepali food

Yomari, also known as Yamari, is the popular food among the Newar community in the country where “Ya” means to like and “Mari” means delicacy or bread. It is made and eaten in one day festival of Nepal, Yomari Punhi. The symbolization of Sarawasti and wisdom and one half of the Sakdona. It encapsulates a sweet substance called Chaku with the outside covering of floor. It is steamed until fully ready.



A very simple and famous food DHINDO is served in almost all over Nepal. DHINDO usually prepared from corn flour in Iron Pan (Phalame Tapke) after the continuous stirring of the mix. It is eaten by dipping in the liquid (soups, milk, curd or gundruk) and swallowed: it is not chewed as it is hot during the serving time.


Samay baji Nepali food
Samay Baji

One of the most popular food in mid-eastern Nepal, Samay Baji, is a traditional Newari dish. This was followed from ancient time and passed on to generations and is still valued the same. Samay Baji consists of a mixture of several foods eaten mostly during festivals and represents good luck, prosperity, fortune, health, and longevity.