Thamel Walk

kathmandu street

Thamel is the tourist center of Kathmandu valley. Here you will find shops and markets all open from the dusk till dawn. You can access all things imaginable, from souvenirs to knockoffs, restaurants to tattoo parlors and trekking and tour companies. Enjoy freshly baked pastries or it in one of the plentiful restaurants. In Thamel there’s a never ending supply of side streets leading to stupas, temples and places of interest.

Kathmandu Durbar Square Visit

kathmandu darbar square

Kathmandu Durbar Square visit is one of the best place to start your exploration of kathmandu. It is one of the premier attraction of Kathmandu,  located at heart of Kathmandu at Basntapur. The large Durbar Square area is filled with ancient temples,  newari architecture, shrines, Royal palace and kumari residence. Although the southern section of Durbar Square is damaged dut Earthquake in 2015, but it is going to be reconstructing.

Street Food

street food in nepal

We can find almost anything to eat in kathmandu ranging from local to foreign dishes. Kathmandu servers you almost any sort of cuisine you want. We’ll start from local Nepali food, the Bara shop, Samosa , special momos you won’t have eaten anywhere else before ending off with the famous lassi & Pani puri and chaat which is said to be the best in Kathmandu.

Temples in Kathmandu

kathmandu history and culture

The most important things in kathmandu are temples, because of them Kathmandu is known as City of Temples. Kathmandu Durbar gets most of the temple attention and the rest of city is filled with ancient temples. Like World Heritage Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath Stupa, Ganesh Temple and others. They are really incredible place to visit in kathmandu and they provide you a different perspective on the Nepalese culture.


khukuri shopping

One of the wonderful thing about Kathmandu  is to do shopping, there are various options of shopping in Kathmandu. Like street shops, Shopping malls, wholesale and retailer shop, online shopping,and  special shopping centers etc. You just walk out in the city, get lost in all winding streets and shops your way through.  There is everything you can ranging from local arts, trekking gear, to souvenirs and all. The list gonna be if you start to make it.

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