Are You Ready For The Massacre? The Massacre Of Making Your Area Clean: Have a Look

All over the nation, the new challenge is being viral: The challenge of cleaning the trash of a particular area. Youths have been the prime pillar of the challenge. The challenge is not as easy as it seems: The area which has been used to throw trashes has been to be cleaned. The photo before cleaning after being cleaned has to be posted. Currently, two to three groups have accepted the challenge and successfully completed it.

This challenge is far better than any of the previous challenges and leads to the betterment of the nation. Now, the challenge is on one part, the main rectification should be done on the person’s behaviour: It has been previously seen that the area after being cleaned is infected the very next day. Many of them be like: All of them have been throwing the trash, there will be no change even if I stop. This thought has to be barred and should lead to positivity.

Challenge Completed

Let’s not brag our discussions on who is doing what, let’s move on forward with the solutions to keep these areas clean. The areas near our home and community should be cleaned for at least once a week. Unless you will be aware of the health issues and bad impacts on life and step ahead these issues are never going to cease.

If you can, then clean the area, if you can’t, then don’t pollute the same. This should be the motto of the campaign. Glancing at the public areas, the government should put fine on those who throw trashes and make the area dirty so that people on fear of paying heavy fine stop making the area polluted.

There are many ways to protect your area from being polluted and if every individual becomes aware these problems will be trashed by itself.