Boat Service Officially Started In SaptaKoshi River: See Its Route And Other Details

With the advancement in technology and engineering designs, Nepal has stepped ahead in many sectors with regards to the development process. Development, its proposal, designs, and initiation everything is done by the engineers. The plan that was proposed by Prime Minister KP Oli has found its route: Boat Service initiated in Saptakoshi river following some particular routes.

Swollen Saptakoshi River after incessant rainfall at the Koshi Barrage in Saptari-Sunsari border

The credit for the initiation of this service which can accommodate 100 passengers at a time goes to Nabin K. Paudel. Nabin started it with some investment and he has extended the vote of thanks to the supporting members. The boat has the route of Chatara, Sunsari to Simle and Bhojpur.


The boat is facilitated with full air-condition and the inboard and outboard passenger space, GPS system is enabled along with depth sounder for any emergency condition. The 55″ TV can watch on the monitor the activities of fish from 100 ft depth of the river for the safe travel.

Not all the works can be accomplished and brought back in the plan by the government only, some of them have to be done by ourselves and the nation will step the process of development. A vote of thanks to Mr. Navin K. Poudel to the initiation of the work.