This Old Man Sells Cheapest Mo:mo in Kathmandu At Just Rs. 25 Per Plate And Is Proving It’s Possible


If there’s one thing about food all Nepalese people can relate to, it has got to be Mo:mo. We just love our dumplings more than any other food in the menu. Fried, steamed, jhol, there’s no resisting these little culinary treats, an all year long Nepali favorite indeed. In fact it is so popular that the recipe for Nepali mo:mo was even featured in Food Network.

Over the years, the popularity of Mo:mo has skyrocketed. Every food outlet has Mo:mos on their menu. In fact these are so popular, there are entire shops that sell just varieties of Mo:mos. Obviously, Mo:mo business is quite profitable in the context of Nepal. The price per plate itself has gone up by many folds since the time it was introduced in the valley. There was a time when it was Rs.12 per plate and now it ranges from Rs. 100-150 or even more depending on the type of dish or place.

Surely, we don’t mind the price since we love these so much. But if you ever hear that mo:mos come in extremely cheap prices as low as Rs.25 per plate, how will you react? Where? Yes, I thought of the same question myself! There’s a little shop run by an old man in his sixties, just one or two minutes away from the Basantapur Square, where he sells mo:mo at just Rs. 25 per plate. He serves the mo:mo on traditional handmade bowls made of leaves with a generous drizzle of soup over it. And needless to say, there’s always a handful of people waiting in line for them to be cooked hovering around the old man. He sells around 150 plates of mo:mos on average each day, just barely enough for him to earn a living.

cheapest Mo:moIt was never about profit for him. He makes and sells mo:mos just for the love of it and to serve people like us who go crazy for them. Perhaps it’s an indication of how the food industry is unnecessarily ripping consumers off. Nevertheless, we can also feel amazed how even in his old age, this man has kept his passion and humbleness alive. So, the next time you’re at Basantapur, make sure you find this small little place and enjoy the cheapest mo:mo in town.

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