Do You Know Why Tihar Is Celebrated? Read It To Know About Tihar

Tihar or Deepawali, one of the major festivals, the festival of lights which brings happiness to almost all of the families ranks second after the Dashain. The five-day festival among Hindus has its own uniqueness in regards to its celebration. The festival is not only great to humans but also widely known as the festival of animals for crow, dog, cow, and even cow dung is worshipped during each relevant day of its importance.

Lights During Tihar
Fireworks During Tihar

The five days event in Deepawali follows the following order occurring in the late autumn.
The first day of Deepawali, Kaag Tihar – Crows are worshipped and feeded, regarding as the messenger.

Kaag tihar
Feeding Of Crow(Kaag)

The second day, Kukur Tihar  – Dog Pooja, dogs are worshipped.

Kukur tihar
Nepalese Police Officers Worshipping Dog

The next day, Gai Pooja or Cows are worshipped and Laxmi Pooja is done, the goddess of wealth. And yeah, how can we forget, Deusi Bhailo, the festival is celebrated eating various delicacies, including sweets and sel roti.

Laxmi Pooja
Laxmi Pooja

The following day, Goru Tihar, Govardhan Pooja, Maha Puja, (Aatma pooja) –  Ox Pooja

Gai Pooja

And the last day Bhai Tika, Bhai Dooj – Bother and Sister Pooja.

Bhai tika
Bhai Tika

Here is why the Tihar is celebrated by Hindus:

The famous story behind the celebration of Deepawali is related to Yama, the god of death and his sister Yamuna. Yama and his sister were staying away due to some circumstances for a long time. His sister insisted various animals and birds to know about him. She sent crow as a messenger, dog to know about his brother and cow as well. At last, she could not control her emotions and went to meet him herself. She worshipped him with saptarangi tika and flowers.Yamuna then encircled her brother with mustard oil, Dubo Grass and put a garland of Makhmali Mala and insisted Yamaraj not to go till the oil, Dubo Grass and the flower gets dry. This is the prime reason every sister worships her brother keeping him in the circle of mustard oil, putting mala of Makhmali flower and Dubo grass.