Four ways of Effective Online Communication


Do you also prefer reading online or newspapers and magazines? I often find myself getting interested in headlines and pictures-then visiting the content of the article. As believed a picture is enough to depict the scenario. Have you ever visited any websites whose picture or headline made you so curious to read the content?

Believe it or not, people who may not write regularly before -are now found to be corresponded daily with their friends, business or even strangers. Almost everyone has email, Facebook and twitter account. It is interesting to find how the internet has transformed analog world to digital world where online communication skill is regarded as key skill to be noted in the new global economy. In the present, internet is considered as stimulating and alarming.

Modern ways of communication

Recently we follow two cultures communication through online writing. The first one is school taught business style and the second is personal chat-mail mode that millions of people are co-inventing. Almost everyone has now online writing interaction weather it is business or with leisure. Perhaps, it is time to reassess the way we write.

Essence of online communication

Every communication has to be sensitive to its context before it delivered. It is better to follow some of the netiquette for better communication. Especially, it is essential for online learning environments to improve their written and verbal communication skills and master art of online communication.

  1. Choose your audience:

You should know your audience. In case of texts, if your message is concerned of limited number of people, send it to private mailboxes. People may not need to know about event if it is unrelated to them. Ask for permission before you forward or copy others message or content.

2. Subject Line Description:

You should describe the content of your message in the subject line and keep that subject in the replies to the thread of same conversation. It would be helpful to gather information again later. Read a message carefully so you can correct misspelled word, offensive word or hapspek word before you send it.


3. Short Messages:

You should use short message or paragraphs that can be clearly understood by reader so that reader could breathe between chunks of ideas. However, sending a short message with attachment would be waste of time opening two messages. Thus, it should be according to the need of attachment document.

44Easy to Understand:

We should follow style of writing that is friendly, appealing and logical. The writing having clear heading helps user find what they want. It is better not to include sexiest or racist language and upper case letters (seems like you are yelling). In case, the message is important, controversial or open to misunderstanding consider face to face discussion instead.
easy_to_read communication

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