Idea Astra: a marvelous project by a young team in Nepal.

Ever wondered with new ideas? Ever wanted to share your ideas and logic here in Nepal? Your wait is over, here’s a leap for your quest.

Idea Astra, a project by the young team is a TV show with the concept of using practical knowledge in general life helping young generation flourish their ideas in national level. It is all about exploring one’s idea especially focused on school children and +2 students here in Nepal, helping them grow with their idea and award them with exploration and recognition. And who knows, the idea can seamlessly turn into a business or some life-changing formulas. All thanks to Idea Astra.

Facebook page of Idea Astra: IDEA ASTRA

This amazing TV show has their own impressive motto, “Logic Over Magic”. It is a TV show with the concept of using logic despite waiting for magic and also is a sovereign platform and source for exploring and polishing the basic knowledge to the possible extent. Yet the show is seemingly entertainment as the show contains art and craft alongside DIYs.

This amazing TV show had their commencement lately from Chaitra 10, all set to broadcast their episode every Saturday at 5.30 pm on Nepal Television. This TV show is a combo of art and craft, games, science project, story, interviews, DIY, homemade, discovery, creations and many more.

Here’s a glimpse of the preface of Idea Astra. You will love to follow their sparkling idea. It has a dedicated team with full passion and commitment to their work. It is focused on Science, Math, and Art delivering practical based learning in best ways.

Best of luck to Idea Astra for their expeditious success and achievement.

If you wanna check their videos, check the link:

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