Instagram Started Verifying Accounts Officially: See Nepali Celebrities Whose Instagram Account Are Verified

Instagram started verifying accounts of public figures, celebrities, global entity or brand it represents. The verification can be requested from the official Instagram site, however, requesting for verification does not ensure that the account will be verified. An official ID issued by the government has to be uploaded and it will be processed for verification.

Sample of Verified  Account

Verification? Why does the account need to be verified officially? It’s easy, to prevent the account from impersonation. Impersonation is a legitimate problem. To prevent abuse of the prominent personals on paperwork or through online and illegal use of the account and to give users the best experience, the account verification is needed. The verification ensures safety to the officials and users too.

Coming to Instagram verification, there is a little verification procedure one needs to get approved for being verified. A sheet needs to be filled with the government approved ID and after approval, the account gets verified. The verified account shows a blue tick on the profile that got verified as shown:

Verified Checkmark

The list of 10 Nepali Celebrities whose Insta Account got verified are given below:
1) Priyanka Karki
2) Aditi Budhathoki
3) Shristi Shrestha
4) Anmol K.C.
5) Prava Gurung
6) Shrinkhala Khatiwada
7) Swapna Suman
8) Samragee Laxmi
9) Nikita Chandak
10) Malvika Subba