Internet addiction
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According to the latest statistics, the use of Internet in Nepal is about 54% of the total population. This figure has grown tremendously from a mere 9% just half a decade ago. This massive explosion in the Internet is due to the availability of Internet services at affordable prices these days. Internet is an everyday luxury due to cabled services from ISPs across the country and broadband services from Telecom companies. In fact, Internet addiction is very common among majority of youth.

What are Nepalese doing on the Internet these days? Well, to be honest, the Internet offers a vast range of usability. People could be casually browsing the net, watching videos, using social networks or be conducting online business. The range of possibilities once one connects to the web is enormous.  So, a general answer to the most popular internet activity would actually be vague.

Social Network:

When it comes to the Nepalese context, it is mostly down to four major things: Connecting with loved ones, information hunting, trending videos and basically anything entertaining. Again, there’s no order in what order do youths prefer these activities. Take Facebook for instance. It was an extension to online messenger service with additional features to post pictures and videos. Now, it has become one of the biggest online social networks. When it comes to popularity, the posts that get most attention either have something funny or controversial. Then again, social topics, viral videos and crucial matters also get attention which doesn’t make Internet usage such a waste of time either. Instagram and Twitter are other similar platforms where people share information, and comedic posts and connect to people.

Nepalese youngsters are also exclusively connected to YouTube these days. A lot of people have started YouTube channels to share videos and make an earning from it. The trending videos these days are mostly episodes of popular TV shows. This also demonstrates how Internet makes life easier since not all people have the time to catch shows on Television. Instead, they can just watch their favorite shows anytime and anywhere they like.

Is Internet addiction a waste of time?

It’s all down to how youngsters use the resource to consider Internet a waste or an effective investment. Many people are involved in online business, we get all sorts of information online, people help each other through social media awareness these days, talents get the necessary exposure through online sharing and also, since these days, families and friends of most Nepalese societies are spread out to different parts of the world, Internet allows people to stay connected. Basically, as long as people use the Internet as a resource and not an addiction, it is definitely a blessing.