The journey to success can have its ups and downs. It’s always down to how determined we are and how dedicated our devotion is. When it comes to living the true purpose of life, people ought to give their best at what they do. We’ve seen countless examples of people who’ve inspired us with their ‘can-do attitude’. Businessman Pradip Man Shakya, the owner of Juju wears has a success story we can all be encouraged from.

Employess at Juju wears

During the 1990s, textile business was at its height in Kathmandu. Shakya initiated his business with help from his friends and he’s never looked back since then. Although he invested 4.5 lakhs, his business wouldn’t pick up for five years. Even after his friend quit, he decided to continue on his own and went to Japan where his idea of Nepalese clothing were highly appreciated.

Popular Nepalese celebrities sporting Juju wears

Branded by the name ‘Karuna’ back in the days, Pradip Man Shakya finally started getting a steady increase in business. His produces were in high demand all over including France and Germany. He eventually had a workforce of around four hundred at the time.

Owner Pradip Man Shakya in his store ‘Juju Wears’

Later, political instability during the year 2008, Pradip’s business was getting unsteady as well. Having spent two years in transition, he faced inescapable challenges but he never lost his spirit. Although his workers started quitting and the market started demanding more expenses than profit, he continued on.  Once the chaos subsided, his business resumed full fledged. The demands for his products started rising again. He focused on making them affordable for an average Nepalese person. They portrayed Nepalese customs in clothes.

Now a parent enterprise for Jo:Jo wears, the franchise continues to inspire other industries, tourists and even celebrities. True success will always come to those who never sway from their destined paths. If we work hard enough and stay positive, our self-belief and determination will definitely be fruitful.

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